Preseason Boot Advice From an Expert

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Preseason Ski Boot Advice

Well it is that time of year again, when we do a little snow dance and purchase our ski area season’s pass. This is also a perfect time to break those feet back into those ski or snowboard boots. Yep, not break in those boots, but your summer sandal wearing feet. Feet change throughout our lives. Wearing sandals makes your feet wider, thus making your ski or snowboard boot fit differently than last winter.

THE TEST: Put your boots on while around the house. Buckle them or snug  them just hand tight, no need to put a vice on your feet. Make sure to mimic the action you would on the hill to move blood in your feet by flexing your boots. This works best in your front lawn where your neighbors will think you are hardcore or simply weird. If you can, ever so slightly snug your boots up. Snug is appropriate in a boot fit, but tight can mean painful.

Alas, your feet tell the truth on how your boots are fitting. If the boots are great, shred away. If they are giving you grief, call Mountain to Sound Outfitters in West Seattle (206-935-7669) and make an appointment to take advantage of our free “Boot Consultation”. See you on the slopes

~Nate, Master Fit Certified Boot Fitter

Preseason Boot Advice From an Expert

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